I got the idea to make a list of 101 goals I want to complete in the next 1,001 days from the Design Darling, Mackenzie Horan.  I love keeping lists of things I want to do at some point, but a bucket list seemed too open-ended for me.  I needed a deadline, and "101 Goals in 1,001 Days" is both specific and quite catchy!  

End Date: March 11th, 2017


1. Develop "Katherinspired" brand

2. Make business cards

3. Make t-shirts for Katherinspired

4. Get a professional headshot for business cards/resume/website

5. Design a really creative resume

6. Learn to write HTML code

7. Learn to write CSS code

8. Intern at Choate Rosemary Hall's summer boarding school program

9. Start an email newsletter

10. Get at least one advertiser on my blog


11. Develop a more "grown up" style

12. Figure out a different hair cut/everyday style (besides a ponytail!)

13. Get a credit card and establish credit

14. Come up with a master list of books to read

15. Read at least 50 new books ---> See below for the list!

16. Have a "New Yorker" moment and take a taxi to work

17. Watch "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

18. Get a professional camera for blogging/travel

19. Subscribe to and read "Foreign Policy", "The Economist", "InStyle", and "Oprah Magazine"

20. Run a half-marathon

21. Become a yoga instructor

22. Attend the Smart Girls Group "Smart Girls Conference"

23. Get my first Swedish massage

24. Try acupuncture

25. Host a dinner party

26. Take a trip to Washington D.C and visit museums/monuments

27. Write a book

28. Read Pride and Prejudice

29. Read To Kill a Mockingbird

30. Learn how to do daytime and evening makeup

31. Master a handstand (yoga)

32. Master crow pose (yoga)

33. Read the entire New York Times once a week for 6 weeks

34. Learn how to do a great self-manicure

35. See a live TED Talk

36. Make a scrapbook of those pamphlets and tickets I always collect

37. Run a Color Run

38. Learn how to successfully walk in heels

39. Make creme brulee

40. Make and regularly update a birthday/address book

41. Take a ballroom dance class

42. Donate to a cause I believe in

43. Make two micro loans through Kiva or Opportunity International 

44. Write for the Smart Girls Guide 

45. Buy a Kate Spade handbag

46. Meditate once per week for at least 20 minutes for 6 weeks

47. Eat at Pepe's Pizza in New Haven, Connecticut (I've lived in CT my entire life and never eaten there!)

48. Take some kind of a long-distance Amtrak train trip

49. Get a grown-up wallet


50. Graduate with honors

51. Publish at least 5 articles to the Fordham Political Review

52. Take a macroeconomics class

53. Take a microeconomics class

54. Learn to speak Arabic


55. Develop my mom's blog and brand

56. Take a trip with my brother, David

57. Take a trip with my dad

58. See a Red Sox game with David

59. Make a family recipe with both of my grandmothers

60. Learn to play golf and go golfing with my dad

61. Go on a yoga retreat with my mom

62. Discuss my family tree and family stories with my grandfather and write them down

63. Send special notes to every cousin/aunt/uncle

Fun Stuff:

64. Go on a road trip with a group of friends

65. Go skinny dipping (I had to…)

66. Go see a comedy show with my friend Tyler

67. Host a brunch for my friends

68. Have a garden tea party

69. Travel with my friend, Brittany

New York City:

70. Go skating a Rockefeller Center

71. Visit the Top of the Rock

72. Try 10 new cuisines 

73. Visit the Guggenheim Museum

74. Have a picnic in Central Park

75. See 3 Broadway shows (one of them is Titanic, the show I did in high school!)

76. Visit Ground Zero

77. Visit Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty

78. Eat at Pure Food and Wine

79. Take a Soul Cycle class

80. Go to a taping of Jon Stewart's The Daily Show

81. Take at least one day and give out sandwiches and bagged lunches to people on the streets


82. Visit my family home in Ireland

83. Travel to Morocco

84. Travel to Prague

85. Go on the Von Trapp tour in Salzburg

86. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower

87. Ride the London Eye

88. Watch Notting Hill and visit the actual neighborhood

89. Take a cooking class in Europe

90. Eat at a real French bistro

91. Watch the Changing of the Guard in London

92. See live Shakespeare performed at the Globe Theater

93. Take a river cruise in France

94. Visit the Sistine Chapel

95. Visit the town of Manresa in Spain

96. Eat Belgian chocolate

97. Visit the Anne Frank House

98. Eat at a cafe in Italy

99. Ride a camel

100. See Gustav Klimt's The Kiss  in Prague

101. Have an adventure!


I can't wait to begin on all of these goals that inspire me! 



I've been full of ideas lately so here are some extra goals I have, in case I have extra time:

102. Learn to knit

103. Ride a Citi bike either in Europe or New York

104. Make a tshirt quilt out of all of the old tshirts in my closet

105. Watch "Dirty Dancing" with my grandmother (it's her favorite movie!)