On Being a 20-Something

I am almost a 20-something.  (I turn 20 in October!)  That's a common phrase we hear today, isn't it?  It spans such a wide range of ages, though.  You have the 20-year-olds, still in college, still teenagers in everything except calendar years.  You have the 25-year-olds who are "adults" but at that in-between stage.  They are the true young adults, I think.  They're just starting out, probably at their first established jobs and in their first serious relationships.  Then you have the late 20 something-year-olds who are getting married and having kids and thinking about the next impending decade of the 30's.  

I am at the very beginning of this vast and exciting decade. I am living on my own (on campus, but it still counts), I have my first office job to which I have to commute in the mornings, and I feel more grown up than I have in a long time.  This summer is going to be a summer of an immense transition in my life because not only do I have all of this going on right now, but in the fall, I am setting off on a year-long study abroad adventure in London, which, I have to say, is my dream come true.  I feel like I am at a great precipice (line borrowed from Titanic!) right now, and it thrills me.  I have so much in front of me and there is a world of possibility open to me.  I am discovering my passions for politics, social media, travel, writing, women's empowerment, yoga, and wellness, and immersing myself in them by launching my blog, interning at the DEA, working in the city, going to Europe, etc.  When I think of this entire life I have ahead of me, the uncertainty of what's going to happen next doesn't send me into a whirlwind of anxiety like it used to during my freshman year.  It gives me this soaring, joyful, passionate, inspired, feeling that lifts me up.  I am in my 20's, the years in which I can begin to do whatever I want to do and be who I want to be.  Isn't it exciting to think that these years are the perfect combination of youthful inspiration and passion and mature ability to make that inspiration a reality?  It is a beautiful blend and I cannot wait to dive in.

Inspired to be,