Inspired by...Accomplishments

First exam: CHECK!  I survived my Islamic Empires exam with only some minor pain in my fingers (anyone up to give me a hand massage???) and the majority of my sanity, so I am feeling quite accomplished this evening.  Speaking of that, here are a few more accomplishments for Day 19 of #BlogEverydayInMay!

1. Smart Mail: When I got the Operations Intern position with Smart Girls Group, I never imagined that I would get to create something like Smart Mail, and run it a year and a half later!   With support and advice from the lovely Smart Starter of SGG herself, Emily Raleigh, I started a weekly newsletter with a tiny little staff that showcased what was going on in Smart Girls Group.  The staff grew…and then outgrew our weekly spot, so I designed and relaunched the all-new Smart Mail to span four days and give you a little dose of SGG in your inbox in the morning, Monday through Thursday.  Today, we number 22 amazingly dedicated team-members and it has been a privilege to work with them.  (Want to sign up?  Head to!)

2. My study abroad year at the London School of Economics: 2 weeks premature, but I am on the other side of my study abroad adventure year!  Between all of the preparations to come here (the visa process was quite a hassle), and everything I’ve experienced and learned throughout the year, this is a huge accomplishment that I will remember forever.

3. My 17-day, 9-city EuRail tour of Europe!: Years of dreaming, months of planning, and weeks of preparation came down to my massive inter-rail tour of Europe, which I successfully executed and survived in one piece.  I got to see and experience cities and sights I have been dreaming of, and I got to have an adventure all on my own.  If I can tour Europe for two and a half weeks mainly on my own, I think I can do anything :)

4. Publishing 2 articles to the Fordham Political Review: This was really big for me, because I am not always eager to put myself out there.  I had had ideas for articles ever since I started working for FPR, but I just couldn’t get myself to actually write something.  Writing and submitting an article meant leaving myself vulnerable to so many people — my fellow editors, my friends, readers, the internet, etc. — so it took me a while before I was finally able to write and submit my first article on microfinance opportunities for women.  I remember how relieved I was when it finally went live…and then how I felt when some random reader felt the need to email me a diatribe about how wrong I was.  I was a little stung at the time, but if that’s the worst that can happen, who cares?  My friend Dave actually took it positively when I told him — he said I had started an academic dialogue (!) — so looking back, it’s not that bad.  I published my second article on the aftermath of the Arab Spring a few months ago, and I am pleased to say that it is one of the articles listed on the cover of this semester’s edition!  I’m already gearing up for round three, so wish me luck! (Articles can be found here and here!)

5. Learning to eat healthy on a student budget: London is anything but cheap, so let’s just lead with that.  I am responsible for all of my own cooking, so I had to learn quickly how to eat on a relatively small budget, while still eating healthy (it does wonders for my anxiety!).  I discovered the beauty of soup and how I can make a huge pot for around $12 and have dinner for a week.  Sweet potatoes became the ultimate breakfast and quick meal/snack/anything.  Carrots and celery with hummus are relatively inexpensive and are the perfect lunch.  I can buy a container of soup from Sainsbury’s and use it as a sauce for steamed vegetables and lentils or rice and have that make two meals.  It’s been quite the adventure learning how to really fend for myself (kind of; my parents help me out with groceries #ThanksMomAndDad), but I love the feeling!

And finally...

6. KatherInspired: I had wanted to start a blog and have a little corner of the internet for myself and my thoughts for a while, but it took some time before I was finally able to do it.  I think I came up with the name late one night last year and all of a sudden, tag-lines and logos were popping into my head and I had to do something about it.  Next Sunday (the 24th of May) is KatherInspired’s first birthday — it all started during a weekend shift in the Fordham Security Office when I just gritted my teeth and did it, but I am so happy I started this blog.  It’s been so much fun to muse and record my year in London and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

Inspired to be,



Thanks to for the challenge! :)


Inspired by...Who Inspires Me!

How could I write a blog called “KatherInspired” and NOT write about who and what inspires me?  I mean, I technically do it on a daily basis, but for today’s #BlogEverydayInMay, let’s talk about some smart women who (inadvertently) push me to do and be my best:


Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright, and Elizabeth McCord

     Let’s hear it for the first two female Secretaries of State, and the fiction version of both of them!  Say what you want about Hillary Clinton, but these three women embody my life goals.  I dream of not only becoming Secretary of State, but of being as strong and badass as these women are.   Also, I wrote an article for Smart Girls Group on Hillary Clinton so click here to check it out! 


Hermione Granger / Emma Watson

     Like I’ve said before, I’ve been a huge Harry Potter fan since I was seven years old.  Not only were the books the most beautiful examples of master storytelling that I’ve ever read, but no character has ever spoken to me quite like Hermione.  (As a testament to this, I was Hermione for Halloween three years in a row and used to put mousse in my hair to make it bushy like hers!)  Before she became friends with Harry and Ron, she was on her own, working as hard as she could so she could always raise her hand in class.  She didn’t care what anyone thought of her and wasn’t afraid of working hard.  She stood up for those who needed an advocate and was so loving and supportive of her friends and family, no matter what.  Emma Watson is embracing her inner Hermione, as well!  She graduated from Brown and is a champion of the #HeForShe United Nations campaign — she is truly using her position for the best.


Abbey Bartlett, Amelia Gardner, CJ Cregg, Donna Moss, Ainsley Hayes

     I grew up watching The West Wing with my parents and it is because of that show that I am a political science major.  This show sparked and fuels my interest in politics and diplomacy, and it also has given me incredible role models.  The women in this show are tough, and smart, and witty, and fabulous — each of them.  I think of them each time I am talking about politics with someone and they have inspired me for years.  Want some classic scenes?  Click here, here, here, here, and here, and try to not feel inspired.


My Smart Girls Sisters!

     How could I not mention my sisters from Smart Girls Group???  They inspire me each day to be a Smart Girl, to be myself, and to share this with the world.  They are incredibly positive, driven, and ambitious women and I am so lucky to have them in my life!


I could go on and on about the people who inspire me…but you’ll have to keep reading KatherInspired for more!


Inspired to be,



Inspired by...A Cause I Support

I’ve already blogged about Smart Girls Group, and what I do as part of the Smart Girls Sisterhood, but let me explain exactly why I am so obsessed with any and all things SGG:

Smart Girls Group is something that, had it existed back then, would have made my entire middle school and high school experience so much better.  I felt so fundamentally different during those long six years, and while I’ve struggled with feeling this way for most of my life, it became most profound during this lovely point in my life.  Some of it had to do with being an introvert and not liking what apparently everyone else liked.  In middle school, I was the girl who could spend hours in her room reading and not think twice about it, wore skirts and dresses all of the time, swam instead of playing soccer, hated sleepovers, and listened to the Annie and The Sound of Music soundtracks instead of the Jonas Brothers (#2008Life).  In high school, material-wise, I wasn’t quite as different from everyone else, but I was still this old soul introvert-type, and I constantly felt on the fringe of the general population that was my age.  Add that to being smart and nerdy, and you’ve got a recipe for a social disaster.  Mind you, things have gotten so much better as I’ve gotten older, but something that made it all click has been Smart Girls Group.


Smart Girls Group’s mission is to unite and empower ambitious young women, but for me, it goes so far beyond this.  It is such a positive community of bright and engaged women who are spreading sunshine and smarts wherever they go.  Smart Girls Group encourages you to live your best life and be smart in whatever it is you are smart in.  The way I’ve conceptualised it is that in Smart Girls Group, everyone is unique, but no one is “different.”  I was the girl who was different and liked what no one else liked, but that doesn’t matter with Smart Girls Group, because everyone is different and it’s encouraged and celebrated.

Their various social media platforms make my day so much brighter whenever I come across a post or a tweet or a picture, the website is full of articles and content from girls who want to help you live your best life, the newsletters that I put together not only give me something fun and non-academic to do, but getting them in my email inbox is just as fun as putting them together is.  Not only have I made some incredible friends from being a part of Smart Girls Group, but I am learning to be the Smart Girl that I wish I had been years ago: one who is different, smart, unique, whatever she is, embraces it, and shares it.

Inspired to be,


Inspired by...Blog Everyday in May Challenge Days 1, 2, 3

I am so excited to announce that I will be participating in the “Blog Every Day in May” challenge, organised by Belinda at  My friend Alex at (with whom I also go to school at LSE!) told me about the challenge and I think it will be a great way to escape from the stress of revision and give my blog a little TLC.  I really want to grow this blog, so in order to do that, I need to put some serious work into its content, hence this challenge!  I am, admittedly, starting a little late (it’s been a crazy weekend) so I am combining days 1, 2, and 3, but tomorrow we will be back on track!

Day 1: Introduce Yourself

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Katie (I also go by Kate and Katherine)!  I am a 20-year-old student at Fordham University and the London School of Economics where I am studying Political Science, Middle East Studies, and Theology, with a bit of international history.  This year, I’ve developed a concentration for my studies in democratic transitions in the Middle East and North Africa.  I am also passionate about international politics and development, women’s issues, and foreign affairs.  My dream is to work in the foreign service and eventually become Secretary of State.  I am an introvert, meaning I value my “me time” and am generally more reserved in unfamiliar situations and large groups, but I can connect with people on a very deep level, once I get to know them well.  I love to read and can spend hours in a bookstore, flipping through books, adding to my list of books to read, and soaking up the sounds of pages turning.  I am originally from Connecticut, but I go to school in New York, and have been living in London since September.  This year has been an incredible adventure for me — I’ve gotten to travel around Europe, study at one of the world’s best universities for social science, explore a beautiful city, and learn so much about myself.  Since living in London, I’ve developed a deep love for cappuccinos, though not for the caffeine boost.  Other things on my “love” list include museums, Pinterest, yoga, cooking and baking, The West Wing, blogging, chocolate, TED talks and podcasts, magazines, organising (especially with my Erin Condren planner!), and tea.


5 Photos That Tell My Story:

Where would we be without family?  This is me and my brother at Thanksgiving 2013, which is also the last Thanksgiving I spent with my family (I was gone for 2014!).  [Ignore the ridiculously long fringe :)].  My brother and I were very close growing up — we went to the same summer camps, made our stuffed animals go “bungee jumping” off the knee wall in our family room, and made up stories on the swings in the backyard.  Now that we’re older, we bond by driving around at night while we listen to music and talk a little.  He goes to boarding school and I’m here, so it’s hard to stay close, but I think we’ve done a pretty good job.  Also, he graduates high school in exactly 35 days and I get to be home to be there as an obnoxiously proud big sister. 


Smart Girls Group has changed my life.  I wish something like this had existed when I was in high school because having a sisterhood of ambitious and kind girls would have been a total game-changer.  I have had the opportunity to connect with amazing women and girls and being involved in all the ways that I am makes each day brighter.


This is my classic “inspired” pose and also part of my KatherInspired logo!  This was me back in October on my second trip to Paris and my friends and I had a lot of fun taking pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower :).  To me, this is my ultimate expression of joy — throwing your arms up in the air because you’re so happy and excited and inspired that there’s no other way to describe it.  I am constantly inspired by the world and throw myself into everything that inspires me, and this pose pretty much sums it up.


This picture was taken my third week in London when my friend Claire and I went to tea at Harrods.  What could be more English than tea with scones with clotted cream and jam?  Few things, in my opinion.  This was one of those afternoons that the sheer reality of where I was — London— really hit me.  I was in a brand new city and exploring as much as I could, I had a new friend, and we had tea with amazing scones, so life for me was complete.  I look back at the girl in this picture and I can’t believe it’s been almost 8 months since it was taken.  I have grown and changed so much in the past 8 months and it is one of the best feelings in the world.


This was me in Scotland when we were driving through the Highlands and we stopped to take pictures at the Three Sisters mountains.  It was rainy and freezing and the wind almost knocked you off your feet, but I was still laughing, whether it be because of how beautiful the mountains (and Scotland in general!) were, or because the whole setup here was just so ridiculous.  



My Travel Bucket List:

As you’ve seen throughout my year in London, I’ve been to 11 countries and more cities than I want to count right now, so I’d say I’ve checked quite a few places off of my travel bucket list!  I do have some places left, however:



I would love to see the sand dunes in the desert, ride a camel, and eat hummus and turmeric on pita bread while sitting on a pouf.  I’ve been fascinated by Arabic culture since high school and I can’t wait until I get to see it for myself.  I also need to learn Arabic at some point, so Morocco will be a great place to practice!



I didn’t make it to Italy this year, but as a huge fan of art history, architecture, food, and Eat, Pray, Love, I will definitely be visiting Italy at some point in the future!



I mean, how could you not want to visit the Hagia Sophia and eat Turkish food?  I’ve taken two classes on Ottoman history and even more on the Middle East, so it would be incredible to see it come to life.



Yoga has been a big part of my life for the past two years, so I would love to study it at an ashram in India.  Also, elephants are really cool so riding one would be amazing!



I took Spanish in high school and at Fordham, and while I’m not fluent, Spanish still comes pretty naturally to me.  I love the way it sounds and the way it feels to speak it!  Machu Picchu has always fascinated me, so I would really love to climb it and practice my Spanish.  


Southwestern USA:

My neighbour is currently living in Arizona and I can’t get over how beautiful that part of the United States is!  I want to see wide open sky, the sun shining on the desert sand, and, of course, the Grand Canyon.  


Stay tuned for Day 4 tomorrow!

Inspired to be,


[Always] Inspired by...Smart Girls Group

A lot of new things are happening with Smart Girls Group right now and I am so excited to share them with you!


SGG recently kicked off its Smart Girls School program, so they are offering three online classes this term: Writing Training, College Prep, and Social Media Basics.  Obviously, the College Prep class doesn’t apply to me, but I still signed up for the Writing and Social Media classes and they look fascinating!  I’m hoping the Social Media class will help me grow KatherInspired (our first assignment is to create a Facebook page for our blogs, so stay tuned!), and it’s always helpful to get a little extra help with writing, especially now that I’m doing a lot of it.


I also recently became a part of the Smart Girls Media Sisters program, which is aimed at “bloggers, v-loggers, and social media gurus” looking to grow their digital voice and their personal brands.  We’ll be working on improving readership and digital visibility through seminars, networking opportunities, and design workshops, so I was so excited when I got accepted!  We had our first seminar this week, but as it was 8:00 EST (1am for me), I had to miss it.  They recorded it, though, so it’s on my list to watch this weekend).


SGG also started its new Mentorship program!  Thanks to the hard work of the lovely Maggie Royce, the smarts of the whole operation, we were all paired up with either a Big Sister or a Little Sister who we would work with.  I have a little sister who is a freshman in college, who also shares my love of writing and blogging, so I can’t wait to get to know her!


And of course, there’s the relaunch of Smart Mail!  I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I got the Operations Intern position with SGG and Emily and I started working on the very first issue of Smart Mail.  Our staff has grown enormously, and now we will be producing four newsletters a week, featuring original content from all 20+ of us: Monday Motivation, Style Tuesday, Wellness Wednesday, and Smart Girls in the World (Thursday).  Emily and I are putting the finishing touches on the new design templates and I have finally nailed down my staff and everyone, so things are finally taking off!  Also, I love my new title: Executive Editor for Smart Mail :)

Whew!  I hope that didn’t come across as bragging, because I always get turned off by people who are just so impressed with “all they do.”  For me, I feel like I’ve hit my stride and tapped into that “inspired” feeling I always talk about.  I love what I do and I only wish I didn’t have to sleep.  This was less about bragging, and simply sharing what is inspiring me right now.  I suppose it’s what comes with being a “twenty-something” - exploring what you love and throwing yourself into it. 

Smart Girls Conference: Final Thoughts

I have sisters.  I never thought I would say that, but the Smart Girls Group has shown me and given me a sisterhood.  When I think of the word, "sisterhood" I think of sororities and superficial bonds.  Not to put down sororities, as I know many who have had a wonderful experience from them, but they've never been my thing.  Smart Girls Group is a sisterhood of ambitious women and the conference was life-changing.  It took me so long to put the sensation I felt into words because I couldn't think of any words that would capture the pure essence of what this conference and Smart Girls Group in general has been to me.  I write an email to my mom every night, telling her whatever's on my mind, and this evening journal has been an important part of my day since those anxiety-ridden days of my freshman year.  This is where I don't censor anything, so here are some excerpts of what I wrote to her immediately following the conference:

"These past two days have left me more inspired than I have ever been in my life.  It might seem like I'm exaggerating and gushing but it was nothing short of incredible.  I met so many interesting girls and listened to these people who have done so much with their lives and the whole energy was so positive and empowered and happy.  We're a community of smart, successful, driven and ambitious women and I finally feel like I fit.  Here, I felt at home and like these girls get me."

"There are so many things I'm thinking about right now.  I just want to sit here and look up all of the speakers from today and learn about them and what they're doing and get involved because I get that inspired feeling I talk about in my blog.  There's so much out there that I can do and I want to do it all.  This really interesting woman was on one of the panels today and she works for Acumen which is a business approach to poverty.  They raise money and invest it in organizations that are trying to alleviate poverty and global issues.  The woman is passionate about international development and I got a chance to talk to her which was amazing!  That one really struck me, along with Arthur Woods's talk about finding your purpose and passion.  He created a new version of LinkedIn (or at least that's how I think of it) that helps you curate what you're passionate about and use it to develop a career path.  We live in a purpose-driven economy- these tech startups and freelancing and social enterprises and bloggers and now that I have that term, it finally makes sense.  I want to pinpoint a purpose and run and run and run with it.  I wish I didn't have to sleep because I would just keep working on Smart Girls Group and reading and blogging and learning and writing.  I get so excited and it is one of the best feelings in the world.  I have so many notes in my planner and lists upon lists of things that I need and want to do and I just want to do them all.  "

"It's amazing how the choices we make can lead to so much.  Dad convinced me to apply to Fordham and then he was the one who took me here for the first time, and then I chose Manresa, and then I met Emily, and then I finally decided to stop wishing I could be in SGG and I emailed her on July 17th, 2013 and then it was the Loop, and then Operations Intern, and Social Media Intern and I'm in love with this.  This whole year has been so transformative.  I feel like everything has clicked into place internally.  I get myself and I feel so much more secure in who I am.  Freshman year was so difficult and even junior and senior years of high school.  I don't know what it was but I wasn't sure of who I was.  Now, though I don't have myself entirely figured out, I like myself and I'm happy and I know what at least some of my passions are and I know that everything's going to be okay.  I have better relationships with people and myself and I have somewhat of a direction.  I am grateful every single day that I get to go here"

ometimes I feel like I sound a little crazed in my emails to my mom at night but I get going and I can't stop thinking, and writing, and feeling, and it's this buzz that runs through me that is an incredible feeling.  Smart Girls Group, and being here, and London, and my passions, all drive me to do more and be more.  It goes back to my theme of "inspired" because that's the theme of my life right now and my aura.  I am finding what inspires me and I am inspired to be me.

I can't thank the SGG staff and my Smart Girl Sisters enough because those two days remain with me, even though it's been almost a week.  I have sisters and I love them all.

Inspired to be,



Note: The SGG Conference image (with the notebook and pen) is courtesy of the Smart Girls Group Instagram.  Thank you!


Sunday Night Thoughts

Well, it's Sunday here in New York so I've made my lists and schedule for the week (I find it oddly relaxing…), and oh boy do I have a lot coming up!

I started a new position at the Smart Girls Group as a social media intern for the magazine, the Smart Girls Guide and I can't wait to dive in.  I'm working on strategy for the magazine's Pinterest page, as well as working with Twitter.  The Guide is becoming a major entity of SGG and is growing really quickly so we're working on creating an individual voice for it.  I love social media and Smart Girls Group, of course, so I thought, "why not?"!  That's going so be SO much fun because it's now basically my job to comb through the current and most recent issues of the Guide and promote it on social media.  What could be better than that?  The newest issue came out this morning so I'm going to read it tonight and pick out quotes and articles and pictures and get ready to tweet!  I have to tweet a *ton*, though so I'm looking into good social media management sites.  Any suggestions?

I started my new class, Islam in America, last week and I love it already!  Similar to my American Religious Texts class, this class is history and theology combined, and it adds Islamic history to it so I sit in class with a completely enraptured expression on my face and I have no shame for my nerdiness :)  We talked about the slave trade last week and how Islam was introduced to the US and this week we'll be talking about Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam, which was a more militant, racially-driven group that arose in the US in the 20s and 30s.  I have to miss class on Thursday, though, because…..

I'M GOING TO THE SMART GIRLS CONFERENCE!!!!  I had originally thought that there was no way I could fit it in with work and my internship and class but, after a surprise discount that I interpreted as a sign from above, I made it work so that I'm only missing one of each of these, since the conference is right at Lincoln Center!  Trust me, this event is going to be HUGE!  We have an incredible speaker lineup, from Shiza Shahid, CEO and co-founder of the Malala Fund, Brenda Berkman, the first female firefighter of FDNY, Carly Heitlinger of The College Prepster, Renata Mutis Black, micro finance entrepreneur, and so many more!  I finally get to meet all of these women I have come to know during my time with SGG and I can't wait to sit in that conference room and bask in the inspiration.  Trust me, there will be *many* posts about this!



It's also going to be live streamed so you can catch any of the events from the website!

Oh, and I have to book my flight to London by Friday so it's about to get even more real that I, Katherine Labonte, am actually going to London in exactly 80 days.  *cue excited scream*.

Yup, it's going to be a great week!  Happy Sunday!

Inspired to be,

Katherine =)

Inspired by The Smart Girls Group

I've mentioned The Smart Girls Group a few times here, as it is one of the biggest sources of inspiration in my life but I realized that I haven't explained what this incredible organization is, yet!  Officially, The Smart Girls Group is "the one-stop shop and sisterhood for the next generation of superstar women."  Unofficially, it is one of the greatest opportunities I have ever had and a constant source of both joy and inspiration.

The Smart Girls Group began in 2011 when Emily Raleigh, a senior in high school, wrote a book for her younger sister, Sophie, for Christmas on how to be your very best in high school.  She didn't want to stop with the book or keep it confined to her sister, though.  She made a New Year's resolution to create The Smart Girls Group so girls from all walks of life could connect and be empowered to be smart and share their "smarts", no matter what they are.  Though it began with a monthly online mini magazine, it has grown leaps and bounds since then!  It expanded to include a daily blog called the Smart Girls Loop, featuring original content written by Smart Girl Sisters, using a platform that Emily designed herself.  In 2012, Emily started her freshman year at Fordham University and was accepted to the Compass Fellowship which supports young entrepreneurs.  She received a grant from the Kenneth Cole Foundation that supported the relaunch of The Smart Girls Group to include online classes and an internship program, as well as funding for the first ever Smart Girls Group Conference, slated to take place in New York City next month!  The Smart Girls Group (SGG) has been featured in numerous publications such as the Daily Beast's "Women in the World" website, and has won the Camp Campbell grant and the New York Young Entrepreneurs Challenge.  In other words, BIG things are coming!

Emily lived in my dorm during our freshman year and I watched the development of SGG throughout the year, all the while thinking, "Wow!  How does this girl DO it all?"  After months of watching and admiring from the sidelines, I had to jump in.  I started as a writer for the Current Events column of the Loop, producing biweekly articles, and I loved getting to write about my passions during the fall semester of my sophomore year.  In January, there was a posting for an Operations Intern position and, knowing that I was ready for more, I applied and received an email that changed my life - I got the position!  I was ecstatic and couldn't wait to begin.  

Emily and I started worked on developing a weekly email newsletter that would showcase content produced my Smart Girls.  I've seen how important email marketing can be for a company so I wanted to make Smart Mail, as we named it, a little dose of everything that is the Smart Girls Group delivered right to your inbox.  I soon had a staff of five girls writing editorials on a variety of topics, which soon grew to it's present number of 12 superstar Smart Girls working with me to produce Smart Mail.  Putting together Smart Mail every Monday night/Tuesday afternoon is one of my favorite parts of the week because I'll jam out to my favorite songs and create something Smart.  Smart Mail is my project and I obsess over our readership rates, and shamelessly plug it every chance I get.  You know that feeling when you see your work on display and you think, "Wow, I did that!"  Well, that's how I feel every Wednesday morning at 7am when my mail notification dings and delivers Smart Mail!  

Welcome to Smart Mail!

Welcome to Smart Mail!

Through the Smart Girls Group, I have developed a love of social media, blogging (!), marketing, and development that I never would have thought myself interested in before.  I wear my official Smart Girls Group t-shirt (which I'm wearing now!) with the utmost pride because I believe in SGG so much.  It is a community of like-minded women who are bent on changing the world by being smart and sharing their smarts.  It has struck the perfect note with me and has left me utterly and completely inspired.

To subscribe to Smart Mail, click here!  For more information about The Smart Girls Group, visit their website and let the inspiration begin.

Inspired to be,