Inspired by...Summer Bucket List!

With 11 days to go until I am back home in the states and summer has officially begun, thinking out my summer bucket list was exactly what I needed!  


1. READ…a lot

     After doing nothing but course reading for the past six months, I am in desperate need of a good story to dive into and sooth my worn-out brain and re-inspire me.  I have a list of fiction and non-fiction books I’ve been meaning to get to, so stay tuned! 


2. Friends!

     It’s been almost a year since I’ve seen my best friend Brittany, but now that she is back in New York, and I’ll soon be back in Connecticut, I can’t wait for NYC dates at our favourite restaurant, Red Bamboo, complete with bubble tea and a walk on the high line, hair and makeup lessons (she’s my style guru), catching up on Grey’s Anatomy, and just being together.  I also can’t wait to see my darling sister, Farishta, too!  She’s much closer to home, thankfully, so I’m looking forward to long walks, tea dates, making Indian/Afghan food, and talking about life.  


3. The 20-Something Project

     Since becoming a 20-something, I’ve been having this identity crisis about “growing up” and entering the real world, and I’ve realised that I don’t know the first thing about the real world.  I mean, who does?  But, I want to become financially independent (like, grocery shop without my parents’ credit card, for example, learn how to invest my money, manage a credit card, etc.), figure out my personal style, get my health and wellness on track, and work on my personal brand.  Any tips, books, podcasts, etc. that you can suggest would be very much appreciated!


4. Blogging, Smart Girls Group, theSkimm, apps and content

     And now onto my digital life!  I, of course, will continue to blog but I love that the #BlogEverydayInMay challenge has gotten me to blog, well, every day (except for this week when I fell behind…).  I’ve really enjoyed these prompts and want to work on increasing my blogging and social media output.  I also want to keep working on my projects for Smart Girls Group and theSkimm and even become more involved.  As for apps and content, I cannot wait to get my new phone (first new phone in over two years!  Yay for more space!) and load it up with apps, and just keep soaking up the digital world that I’ve come to love so much.

5. Live it up at my dream internship

     I’ve been dreaming of the summer I would intern at Choate Rosemary Hall’s summer programs for eight years, and it’s finally here!  I could not be more excited to return to the place that changed my life and be a part of it once more.  I not only get to live on campus and be a dorm advisor to middle school and high school girls, I get to help teach, chaperone excursions, run a sport, and just throw myself into life at Choate.  Dream. Summer.  :)

Inspired to be,