A Sticky Situation

Last night, I was in a bit of a sticky situation involving honey.  Sound like a problem?  Not quite!  Let me explain:

I read an article on Pinterest about a week ago about using honey as a face cleanser.  Normally, I wash my face with jojoba oil since it's all-natural and, rather than make your face break out, it gently cleanses your pores and isn't harsh on sensitive skin.  I promise, it works!  Anyway, I had read about honey's antibacterial qualities and how it can sometimes be used in place of stitches.  Did anyone read The Secret Life of Bees? In the book, which takes place at an apiary (bee farm) in South Carolina and the women use honey for *everything*.  They take a spoonful in the morning, they put it in their hair when washing it, they run it on their skin, as I remember the narrator raving about how it did wonders.  Naturally, I was intrigued!

After work on Monday, I popped into Whole Foods (except you can never "pop" into Whole Foods, especially when you're a foodie like me and easily intrigued by exotic foods...) and picked up a jar of raw honey.  This is honey that has never been heated, pasteurized, or refined, so it's in its purest form.  It looks like this:



Last night, I first took off my makeup (I also use jojoba oil for this as it is an excellent and nontoxic waterproof makeup remover!) and pulled back my hair, including my (rather long right now) bangs because no one wants a honey mess in their hair.  Then, I splashed my face with warm water from the sink, put a spoonful of honey in my hands, and rubbed it around to liquefy it a little.  I spread it evenly over my face, wiped (licked!) away the drippy parts (yummm) and went back to my room and caught up on a few things on my to-do list for about 20 minutes.  I was surprised that the honey barely dripped but I also made sure to wear an older Tshirt just in case.  Also, next time I would probably dry my face a little more before I used the honey so it could settle a little deeper into my skin.

Washing it off was much easier than I expected since it came right off!  I patted my face dry and then showered like I normally would, while still using a little oil to wash my face in the shower.

The verdict?  My face actually feels really smooth today!  Even after one day, I can already see and feel a difference.  I'll have to try it for a few more days and see how it helps with a recent breakout but I have high hopes for this new beauty routine!  

Do you have any little-known tricks you use? I'm always looking for new and natual health and beauty tips so I'm open to any suggestions!


Inspired to be, 


Whole Foods brand honey!  It was inexpensive and well-sourced!

Whole Foods brand honey!  It was inexpensive and well-sourced!