Inspired by...Saying Thanks

Welcome to the Blog Everyday in May Challenge Day 4!  Today, I am writing a letter to say thanks to a very special lady in my life: my dear friend Farishta who I met on the first day of eighth grade and who has been my friend and sister ever since.

Dear Farishta,

We have been friends for 6 and a half years and you have made those years so beautiful.  I don’t really remember meeting you on the first day of eighth grade or even how we started talking, but one day we did, and then one night we talked on the phone for hours, and the rest is history.  Something about us clicked and you fell into place in my life and fit perfectly.  We survived the last bit of middle school together, and then I left to be homeschooled and kind of abandoned you to face high school on your own, but it didn’t matter that we didn’t go to the same school anymore because we could pick up right where we left off when we saw each other again.  I remember riding my bike to your house (#PreLicenseLife), making hummus in your kitchen, and having movie dates. 

Then, I came back to Valley at the beginning of junior year, and what a miracle because we were in the same math class!  My very first class at a real high school was with you and I was so grateful for that.  We had another survival story: Advanced Topics with Mrs. White and we came out with most of our sanity left.  Remember musical?  It was great having you there, too, especially because we got pictures like this:


And then we had junior prom, at which we only got one picture together, but I think it’s a funny picture:

We had senior year together, too, and even though we didn’t have any classes together, you were still there through happiness and the occasional heartbreak.  We had plenty of fun times, though, like Titanic, Senior Reception (looking classy, as always!), and of course, GRADUATION!  This picture is hanging on my wall right now and I can’t believe it’s been three years since it was taken.

We’re in college now, and since I’m in London, we’re farther apart than ever, but even just texting you is enough for me because we still never run out of things to talk about.

Thank you for being more than my friend and for being my sister.  You were my friend in that horrible part of middle school when no one was my friend, you were my friend when I was homeschooled and we weren’t at the same school, you were my friend at one of the hardest most wrenching part of my life, the most cringe-worthy part of my life (a.k.a most of high school), the best parts of my life, and six and a half years later, you’re still here and I love you for it.  You have a beautiful spirit and are so strong.  You do my makeup, listen to my crazy stories, and are so kind to me, so I am grateful every single day that I have a friend like you.

I love you and miss you so much!  See you in a month!