Inspired by...Red Lips Week!

A few weeks ago, the Women Leaders of Tomorrow society at LSE held their fist ever Red Lips Week and I got to be a part of it!  


The Red Lips Project  was started in the UK a few years ago.  Basically, it’s centred around the concept of what makes you feel powerful.  And let’s face it, nothing makes you feel powerful quite like really good red lipstick. :)  I will make a confession that, before this week, I didn’t own red lipstick (and I’m sure my dear friend and beauty guru, Brittany, is crying as she reads this right now…), so I had to do something about that, of course!  Luckily, there’s a MAC Cosmetics right down the street from me, so I popped in on my way home from class and picked some up.  I got a great shade of bright red lipglass, since I’ve never really been a solid lipstick person, and was introduced to the world of lip liner.  Seriously, WHERE has this been all of my life?  The makeup artist at the store showed me how to line my lips before doing my lipglass and it makes such a difference in defining your lips!


So, Tuesday was our launch party and it was a blast!  I got to meet a ton of people and get dressed up, and we had a great keynote speaker — Connie Jackson, a LSE alum, and UK/Europe General Manager for Fashion Fair Beauty Projects.  She was incredible!  Her whole speech was very casual and was a collection of stories about finding her strength and the women in her life who have helped her realise this.  We also got to take pictures with signs saying what makes us powerful:

I also got a lovely little goodie bag with a mug, more red lipgloss, chocolate, and other fun treats.  What a great way to start my week!

Here’s my outfit for the launch party:

I opted to go for all black so my lips would pop and I liked the long blazer over my LBD  because of the different proportions.  By the way, this dress, is perhaps the greatest piece in my wardrobe and one of the best purchases I have EVER made!  It is the ultimate LBD because I can wear it for any occasion, it doesn’t wrinkle, and is so blissfully comfortable.

All throughout the week, WLT and Women Leaders in Business had a photobooth set up in the students’ union where you could take pictures with signs saying what makes you powerful as well.  I wasn’t crazy about how mine turned out, so I’m sticking from the one from the launch party :)

Friday was the closing party at a nearby bar, where we had a room all to ourselves!  For only 4 pounds, we got entrance as well as free drinks (their “Red Lips” cocktail - I think it was vodka and cranberry juice, but I can never tell…) and it was another fun night to get dressed up.  

What I loved about this week was that it was a whole week dedicated to helping people realise that they are powerful and that there are things in our lives that make us feel this way.  For me, it’s not only red lipgloss, but all of the smart people in my life that make me feel powerful.  I’ve written before about how Smart Girls Group has changed my life, and it truly has.  It’s encouraged me to be a leader, to recognise, embrace, and pass on what my “smarts” are, and has given me a sisterhood of girls who want to do the same.  Being in intellectual environments like LSE (especially) and Fordham, where I am pushed to my limits, makes me feel powerful, as well.  The thrill of exploring a new city and travelling, reading, planning for the future, dressing well, and approaching each day with a fresh mind — all are recipes for a powerful me!

Inspired to be, (powerful!)