Inspired by...Final Days in Paris

My mom and I had one final afternoon in Paris, and she hadn’t been since she was in her 20s and flat broke while studying abroad, so I was determined to show her a different side of one of my favourite cities.  I’ve been to Paris three times now (I know, casual): once two years ago with my then-boyfriend and his mother, once last term with friends, and now with my mother.  Every time I go, I fall more and more in love with Paris, because each time is better than the last.  I have a friend who studied there last semester and she says that it’s much different when you’re living there, as opposed to visiting, and I’m sure she’s right, but for me, Paris is Paris and there’s nothing more romantic in the world.  

We started our afternoon near Notre Dame Cathedral at a cafe where my mom tried a croque monsieur for the first time.  It’s like a grilled ham sandwich, with cheese on top of the bread, and a fried egg on top of that, and it’s a beautiful creation.  

Also, it’s very French :)  We explored Notre Dame and all of its beauty before we moved on to the tiny side streets nearby.  We had wanted to see the memorial to the victims of deportation, but unfortunately, it was closed that day, so we just kept walking and exploring Ile de-Saint Louis, as well.  We didn’t realise how tired we were until we got to the Louvre, sat down for a moment, and almost couldn’t get up haha.  We couldn’t leave without seeing the Eiffel Tower, especially since it was getting dark and it’s gorgeous when it’s lit up, so we took the metro a few stops to Trocadero where the views are incredible.  As we got there, they were just turning the lights on, so we got to watch the tower slowly light up, which I had never seen before.  My mom had never tried a crepe before, either, so got one with nutella and whipped cream from a nearby stand, and just as we were taking our first bites, it was the top of the hour and the tower began to sparkle!  It’s always my favourite part :)

The next day, my mom was leaving from Charles de Gaulle, so I took her to the airport and had a quiet afternoon to myself — I was exhausted from two and a half weeks of travelling!  I got a baguette and a nice piece of cheese and some tomatoes from the Mouffetard market, came back to my room, and spent the evening watching Netflix on my bed with my treats.  My trip had come to an end!

Well, that's it for my European Adventure (or at least the continental part), but stay tuned for a reflection on my trip, coming soon to!

Inspired to be,