Inspired by...A Mom Memory

This is technically Day 9 of the challenge, so the official Mother’s Day post will be going up tonight, but this prompt is to share a favourite memory from my childhood and it actually does involve my mom!  I can’t say that I have a favourite memory of my childhood — how can I pick just one moment that makes the rest pale in comparison? — because I had a great childhood, but I love telling this story.  It’s a simple moment from sixth grade, but it always makes me smile.


At the beginning of sixth grade, the fourth Harry Potter movie came out.  I was a huge Harry Potter fan (some would say fanatic) growing up; I had read all of the books several times, whizzed through the new ones when they came out, constantly made Polyjuice Potion with the kit I had gotten for my birthday, was Hermione for several Halloweens in a row, and the list just goes on and on.  Naturally, I was dying to see the movie.


I was in the jazz band in sixth grade (#BandGeekForLife) and back then, rehearsals were held after school until about 4:30 or so.  I remember my mom picking me up from rehearsal and it seemed like any normal day…until we weren’t taking the usual route home.  We seemed to be driving as though we were going to the YMCA where I swam.  My mom pulled into a convenience store and told me to go in and buy two packs of M&Ms.  I assumed she needed them for a recipe, so I didn’t think much of it.  Then, before I knew it, we were in the movie theatre parking lot and my mom was telling me that we were going to see the Harry Potter movie!  


That night, we had popcorn and M&Ms for dinner (big deal, trust me!) and I got to feel all grown up and special while watching Harry Potter with my mom.  Mind you, my mom knew very little about Harry Potter so it’s a testament to her that she sat through the entire movie with me.  


Like I said, it’s a simple memory, but every time I eat popcorn and M&Ms (world’s best combination), I think of that night and my mom and everything feels okay.


Inspired to be,