Inspired by... High Tea

Last week, my Community and Culture class took us to Bea’s of Bloomsbury for the quintessential British experience: high tea.  High tea is an experience like no other and if you are anywhere in the UK, I highly recommend…in fact, I implore you to give it a try, because your taste buds will thank you.  


Bea’s of Bloomsbury is right by St. Paul’s Cathedral, so it was close enough for me to walk to and enjoy the sunshine.  St. Paul’s was looking quite dapper that day (as always), so I had to be a tourist for a few minutes and snap a picture:



There were about 20 of us, all squeezed around a huge table, and we were each given a menu of the different kinds of tea the shop had.  I picked a vanilla tea (my personal favourite).  We got to know each other as we waited for our tea, and they all came in our own individual pots, which I thought was adorable and quite fancy!



My vanilla tea was sweet, but I still made it British by adding a little milk and sugar, which I don’t usually do, and it was quite good. 


After we had sipped on our tea for a bit, the sandwiches came out and they were very different from finger sandwiches in the States - there was a goat cheese and walnut one, an onion chutney with cheese and lettuce one, and then some sort of bacon sandwich (didn’t touch that one #vegetarianlife).  Brits love their sandwiches and take them quite seriously, so they were excellent!


Then, as if that weren’t enough, came the climax of high tea: the cakes and scones!  I have a deep love for scones with clotted cream and jam so that came first, followed by some little brownie-esque things.  There were also cupcakes, but I was so full that I couldnt bear to put anything else in my mouthas much as I wanted to :)  I also didn't get a chance to snap a picture of the sandwiches and cakes, because they were gone in the blink of an eye! I'm sure you get the idea, though.


High tea isnt cheap (youll probably end up spending anywhere between 9-12 pounds), but I firmly believe that it is worth every penny.  Its a fun social event and italways fun to feel fancy, doesn’t it?


I had a lovely time at Beas of Bloomsbury, as well!  The food and tea were exquisite, and the staff handled our large crowd very well, so I will definitely be back.


Inspired to be (British!),


Katherine :)