"Domestic Sundays"

Sunday is, by far, my favorite day of the week.  "Really?" you ask.  I know, I know.  Sundays, for many, is that frantic day where we remember all of the things we were supposed to do over the weekend, and then dread the start of another work week.  For me (though I've totally been there!), however, Sundays are my happy days because I have a routine called "Domestic Sunday."  Note: I can't take full credit for this glorious day because I actually saw it on Pinterest, but even still, here it goes:

I try to get up fairly early on Sundays (especially now because I have to be in the security office by 7am) and during the school year, I would do an hour to an hour and a half of yoga from a video I pick from yogaglo.com (more about that later!) so I would already be in a good mood when I was done.  While I would do my yoga, I would do all of my laundry for the week, including sheets, comforter, pillowcases, towels, bathrobe, pajamas, and all of my clothes.  Let me just say that there is nothing comparable to climbing into bed between freshly washed sheets while wearing clean pajamas, after having taken a shower and drying off with a clean towel.  I guess you could say I like things clean =)  I also like adding a little baking soda and white vinegar to my laundry because it helps release odors and leave you clothes even fresher!

After yoga, I would start the cleaning process of my day which included dusting the windows and mirror with all-natural glass cleaner, dusting all hard surfaces (windowsills, floors, fridge, desk, etc,) with this lovely homemade cleaner I made out of vinegar, tea tree oil, and a little water (my mom always says that the only things you need to clean are lemon juice, vinegar, tea tree oil, and baking soda and wow is she right!), and then vacuuming my carpet with my sad little Dirt Devil that has the world's worst battery life….  The scent that would then fill my room is one that I can only attribute to Sunday because it so fresh and light and clean.  

I love having a plan of action for the week because, between jobs, internships, class, and other commitments, I get pretty busy.  I make lists of everything I need to get done that week for my blog and personal life, I plan outfits and workouts, and I make note of all of my appointments.  Sound overwhelming?  I'll admit that it is a little but I have this incredible accomplished feeling when I look at my planner and my monogrammed "master list" notepad and have a visual idea of everything that I need/want to do.  

It's not all work, though!  On Sundays, I like to treat myself to sushi and a movie, frozen yogurt and fruit from the new place a few blocks over, or a cup of tea and a good book. =)

Having a day devoted to myself and what makes me happy really gets me ready for the week and I've found that I'm more productive and, of course, inspired.

What about you?  How do you like to treat yourself and get ready for your week?

Inspired to be,


All ready for the week!

All ready for the week!