Inspired by...Digital Life

In the last year, I’ve been developing more of a “digital life” — working on my personal brand, Smart Girls Group, blogging, and even school!  Fun fact: I swore by taking notes the “old fashioned way” until I came to LSE.  My notes were completely illegible (I write faster in tiny cursive…which isn’t particularly clear) and that’s the kiss of death when you’re in class here, so I switched to digital and I may never go back!  Check out my favourite digital tools that keep me organised and functional!


1. Evernote

     Evernote has changed my life!  Like I said, I was never much of a digital note-taker before I came here, but Evernote is the secret to my (hopeful) success.  You definitely have to invest in it and force yourself to use it for a while, but once you get a system going, you will be hooked, I promise.  I love that you can create “notebooks” since I’ve always had a bit of an obsession with notebooks, and I love how organised everything becomes.  I have notebooks for everything — all of my classes, my blog (every post is initially written in Evernote and then transferred to Squarespace since I’ve had Safari quit on me and delete my drafts one too many times), books I want to read, internship ideas, articles, to-do lists, everything.


2. Google Drive / Dropbox

     I’m still getting the hang of Google Drive, but at Smart Girls Group, we use it for everything.  It’s come especially in handy during revision since my classmates and I use it to share notes and stay organised.  What I’ve been doing is creating folders for each class and then individual documents for each topic I’m revising.  That’s another beauty of Google Drive — as long as you have an internet connection, you have a word processor, slideshow creator, and spreadsheets right at your fingertips!  The same goes for Dropbox, but as far as I can tell, it doesn’t automatically come with word processing.  You can edit existing files using Microsoft Word online, and I haven’t really needed it, but to some people, it could make a difference.  What’s great about both of these tools is that they come with apps, so you can access your files on all of your devices.  Huge lifesaver!


3. Flickr

     When I got back from my massive trip around Europe, I had sooo many pictures I wanted to send to my grandparents…but there’s a data limit on emails.  They don’t have Facebook and I wanted a way to share an album, so I created a Flickr account.  It takes a little getting used to, but it’s a great way to share pictures.  I’ve actually backed up my entire photo library onto Flickr and set it so it goes automatically, and then I created an album of just pictures that I wanted to share.  Then, I got a public link for the album and voila!  Now anyone with the link can see that particular album and it’s been a huge hit.  This is another tool that you can get as an app, as well.


4. Pinterest

     I’m obsessed with Pinterest, no shame.  Pinterest is perfect for the super-organised type-A people like me who like to keep things in folders and neat little spaces since you can create “boards” for anything you like and then clip things to individual boards.  I also downloaded the Pinterest button for Safari so I can clip anything I see online to my Pinterest account which is great for organising articles and adding content to my profile.  Yes, it can be a huge time suck, but it doesn’t really feel like you’re procrastinating :)


5. Squarespace

     My blog is powered by Squarespace and I love it!  I’m not into graphic design or creating my own theme, but I like a nice simple, clean look, which is why I chose Squarespace.  I loved that you can buy your domain, theme, and hosting all from one place since I don’t like messing around with different accounts for all of these things.  If you like to customise, I would go with another platform, but for a woman on the go like myself, Squarespace is perfect for me.


I’d love to hear about your favourite digital tools, as well!


Inspired to be,