Inspired by...Coffee Breaks

It’s been a beautiful week in London!  The sun is shining, I’m not bundled up anymore, and big things are right on the horizon.  The past few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind, which is why I’ve been a little MIA, but I’ve missed blogging since then!  


I had a lovely experience yesterday.  I’ve recently discovered caffe mochas and, like cappuccinos, I don’t know where they have been all of my life!  I mean, it’s chocolate and espresso in a warm little package, so what could be better?  I took a three week break from coffee since I’m determined to not become addicted, and have been celebrating the end of that break quite a bit…  I might need to work on this.  Anyway, yesterday was a gorgeous day and I had a chunk of about 40 minutes in between finishing up some reading and my 4:00 lecture, so I treated myself to a mocha from (where else?) Caffe Nero.  I couldn’t bear to sit since I knew I would be sitting inside for the rest of the evening, so I took my coffee down to the Temple tube station to a lovely spot by the Thames.  I go walking along this path a lot, but yesterday, I just stood there and basked in the sunshine as I gazed over the river.  I was only there for a about 15 minutes, but it was such a soothing, refreshing break from my day.  In fact, I’m still thinking of that moment, which is why I simply had to blog about it!

When things are getting crazy between getting mentally beaten up every day  school, Smart Girls Group, planning for the future, and just getting through the day, I sometimes forget that I am in London.  This is my grand adventure — my year abroad in London at the London School of Economics.  It feels so normal to be here, now, that I forget that in about three months, I won’t have a Caffe Nero on every street corner, and the Thames a few blocks away from my school.  I won’t have museum lates, weekend trips to the continent, and double decker buses rumbling past me.  I am so in love with where I am and what I’m doing right now, that I forget how insanely lucky I am, and yesterday was the reminder that I desperately needed.  

I have three months left in the city that has become my home, and I plan on making the most of it. :)

Inspired to be,