Inspired by...Cafe Days

As many of you know (from my frequent Instagram pictures and tweets), that I am a (new) cappuccino enthusiast.  I was never a coffee person - which most people can’t believe, but remember how high-strung I tend to be and then add caffeine - but last term, I was meeting my advisor from Fordham for coffee and he introduced me to cappuccinos…and the rest is history!  There is nothing I love quite like sitting in a semi-busy cafe, sipping on a cappuccino with the occasional pain au chocolat dipped in the foam.  

I also make my cappuccino habits productive.  While I save schoolwork like essay-writing and reading for my classes for the silent sections of the library, I love getting “personal” work done in cafes.  Something about the hum of activity and the openness of cafes makes me more productive.  I’ll write blog posts, work on Smart Girls Group projects, send emails, work on personal branding work, and do my biweekly “content check.” 

If I haven’t mentioned it before, I keep a few bookmark folders for websites I like to keep up to date on.  I love to read and learn about the world, to put it rather simply, so at least once a week, I’ll do a full content read where I scan through all of these websites (LevoLeague, Smart, Pretty, and Awkward, HBIC Project, MindBodyGreen, and I am That Girl are my favourites), save article I like for future reference, pin/post/tweet relevant ones, etc.  As I’m moving towards the specialised phase of my academic life, I’ve been keeping tabs on certain news sites, columnists (Nicholas Kristof and Thomas Friedman, for example), and specialty current events sites.  My field of study (Political Science, Middle East Studies, International Development, Women’s Issues) is one that is constantly changing, so I need to stay as up-to-date as possible!

During my cafe days (Wednesday afternoons and Fridays), I’ll read my book while I’m having my cappuccino, and then pop in my headphones and get down to work when I’m done.  I’ve been known to spend up to four hours in the Caffe Nero on Kingsway or the one by the Waterloo Bridge and completely lose track of time, which is such a lovely feeling.  I keep my planner with me so I can cross things off my list and when I walk out, not only am I freshly cappuccino-ed, but my weekly to-do list is just a bit shorter!  This is something I highly recommend as a change of scenery can do wonders!

Inspired to be,