Inspired by...Brick Lane

I LOVE curry with the most burning passion there ever was.  Indian food is not only very vegetarian-friendly, it’s also so comforting and absolutely delicious!  That’s why I was so excited when my Community and Culture class organised a trip to Brick Lane, one of the best places in London to feast on this incredible creation.  London is famous for its curry and Southeast Asian food in general (thanks, colonialism!), but this area in East London in particular is a premier hub for curry in the city.  


East London is typically home to immigrants and is a fascinating mix of cultures.  It’s also home to the oldest synagogue in Britain, as it is famous for its Jewish population, as well.



We met at the Aldgate tube station bright and early for a walking tour… probably to work up an appetite for what was coming in a few hours.  East London was also the hunting grounds of Jack the Ripper back in the 19th century and we saw one of the sites where one of his victims was found, but I tried not to think about that too much :)  We wandered around the tiny alleyways and through Petticoat Lane, which is a clothes market that has been running for decades.  I think I loved the windy cobblestone streets the most (this is coming from the grid-appreciating New Yorker, mind you) because they conjured this beautiful historical feeling.


Then came the highlight of the trip which was curry on Brick Lane!  We finally found a place to accommodate 17 of us, and the rest is a curry-filled dream.  I started with a mango lassi since I’ve always wanted to try one - it’s a lovely refreshing mango-yogurt-y drink that goes perfectly with curry. Then I got a masala dosa which is an Indian-style crepe filled with lentils and potatoes with a curry vegetable pot on the side which you put in the dosa.  I also got a little side of spiced chickpeas that went beautifully with the whole thing and I was in heaven.  The table got very quiet since we were just eating and relishing every bite.  I took the rest home with me and it made a lovely snack the following afternoon after class!  

I will definitely be back to Brick Lane as it was the best curry I have ever had and I’m still dreaming about it!

Inspired to be,