Inspired by...Borough Market

I'm back!  After the busiest week of my term (hence my "Surviving" post last week) I have returned from my little hiatus and am back to tell you about an "adventure" I had two weekends ago!  If you know me, you know that I LOVE food and that I love trying new foods.  So, naturally, food markets are a passion of mine - something about wandering through all of the different stalls, checking out what everyone is serving, tasting samples always puts me at ease.  Two weekends ago, I ventured out to Borough Market, one of London's oldest and most renowned food markets, in South Wark.  

Borough Market began exactly 1,000 years ago, which is incredible, isn't it?  When we say something is "old" in Europe, we really mean it!  

It was a rather cold and gloomy day, but my trench coat protected me on my culinary adventure. I began at Borough High Street and followed the mass of people making their way into the market, and from there, it was a feast for the senses! 

I started at a stand selling donuts that I had heard about and simply had to try, so my adventure began with the most amazing vanilla cream filled donut I have ever had!

From there, I wandered among the stands sampling everything I could so I could get the full experience.  Borough Market caters to its traditional roots, so it's mostly cheese, bread, and meats (I avoided the meat).  They also have fruit and vegetable stands, and prepared food sections where you can get paella made in giant pans, Scotch Eggs, meat pies, and (my personal favourite) mulled wine.  

I also found a green juice stand (definitely not traditional, but entirely necessary), so I balanced out the cheese and donut with a lovely little green juice:


I sampled so many kinds of cheeses, olive oils, and spreads that I lost track of which was which!  My advice?  Don't bother eating anything before you go, because you can basically just eat samples and be perfectly satiated.  You don't even need to buy anything necessarily, because just wandering around and observing all the different kinds of food is an experience in itself.  I needed to get out and explore a bit and this was a great break during my day!


Inspired to be,

Katherine :)