Inspired by...Blogging Tips

Happy Birthday, KatherInspired!  I can’t believe it’s been an entire year since I took the plunge, made a Squarespace account, bought my domain, and started this blog…all during a shift at the Fordham Public Safety office! It’s been an incredible year since I took the ideas that had been burning at the top of my mental to-do lists, so in honour of our first birthday, I have a few blogging tips that I’ve learned throughout the year:



1. Consistency: While I’m not sure if I’m going to keep up blogging every single day once this challenge is over, I do appreciate consistency when it comes to blogging.  It doesn’t have to be every day, because life gets in the way, but set a goal for yourself and know that you want something up on your blog however many days per week that you choose.  Readers will soon figure it out, and it will totally help drive traffic to your blog.  Also, it helps in the initial stages of planning your blog, because if you can think of content to put on your blog at a consistent rate, you’ve got a great idea going that will soon become a personal brand.


2. Organise: Take the time and invest in your blogging system!  First, pick a place to write your blog posts that is not your blog itself.  I’ve had way too many “ahhhh!” moments where I’ve finished a nice long post…and then Safari decides to quit on me, deleting everything I’ve just done.  Talk about a nightmare, right?  Now, I use an Evernote notebook (check out my Digital Tools post for more info!) that I’ve labelled “KatherInspired” where I keep all of my post drafts until they’re ready to publish.  I’m also working on developing a style guide for my blog and brand so I’ll keep track of colour scheme ideas, themes and fonts I like, and a (in the works!) social media plan in a separate notebook.  This way, all of my ideas are in one place!  You can use whatever system works, but I strongly recommend that you try out various platforms and systems and figure out what keeps your groove going.

3. Content: At least once per week, I’ll do what I call a “content catch-up” where I’ll check all the latest posts on certain websites (Levo League, MindBodyGreen, the HBIC Project, etc.) that inspire me.  I keep a list of bloggers, companies, and brands that have great social media and I’ll check those on a regular basis, as well.  I also have subscriptions to magazines such as Oprah, RealSimple, Glamour, InStyle, and The Week, so I can stay up to date on everything going on in the world that I love!  Each of the things I “check” has to do with my “inspired” brand and the more I read, the more inspiration I get.  I really recommend doing the same because someone once said, “To be a writer, one must read.”  Take inspiration from the world and let it fuel your blog!

And finally, HAVE FUN!  Make your blog whatever you want it to be — fill it with your thoughts, pictures, graphics, quotes, colour, life, anything that makes you happy.  Opening up your blog should give you a sense of pride so take the time and make something you’re proud of!

Inspired to be,