Inspired by...Blogging Crushes!

I’ve already told you all about the websites and columnists I have bookmarked so I can get inspired by them every week, but now I’m here to talk about a few of my favourite bloggers who are definitely my blogging crushes!



1. Carly Heitlinger at The College Prepster


Carly Heitlinger, a.k.a The College Prepster is a perfect example of a 20-something taking over the blogging world!  She started her blog to escape from the horrors of a freshman accounting class at Georgetown, and in the however-many-years since, she has become a sensation.  I’m usually not a fan of “preppy” blogs, but this chica is killing it!  In terms of blogging, she is consistent (at least once a day) and her posts are so much fun to read.  She writes about what it’s like to blog for a living, the adventures she has in NYC, trips she takes, personal matters like anxiety and perfectionism, organising tips, product reviews, style, beauty, and on and on.  I’ve discovered some of my favourite apps and organisation techniques via Carly, and have a whole list of places I need to get to once I go back to New York.  She’s the kind of blogger that makes you want to be her because her life is so fabulous, but she’s also incredibly relatable and seems like a really interesting person.  She came and spoke at the Smart Girls Conference last summer (and will be returning this summer) and she really is as cool as she appears on her blog.  Plus, she has the cutest toy poodle named Teddy who has his own Instagram, so there’s a social media goal for you :)


2. Quincy Bulin at

Quincy is the Editor in Chief at Smart Girls Group and a true inspiration!  I’ve been working with her (remotely) for about a year and I recently discovered her blog — it quickly jumped to the top of my must-read list.  First, her blog is gorgeous!  It’s a very simple, clean design that lets the words and message shine through…and oh boy, do they shine!  Quincy is wise beyond her years and I really connect with her because she’s so authentic.  Her blog reads like a journal, like a hidden layer or buried treasure you uncover only by reading more.  She writes about living up to her “hype” on social media, getting out of a rut, her faith, her boyfriend, her decision to leave New York.  WOW, right?  Her [digital] voice is so soothing and warm and she is truly a gift to the world, both digital and in reality.


3. Alex Mathews at

First, I LOVE the title of Alex’s blog!  It gets right to the point and tells you exactly what her blog is going to be about.  Second, Alex is a great friend of mine (who I met this year! Yay, study abroad!) and is the one who told me about this challenge, so how could she not be one of my blogging crushes?  I love how Alex writes both about her trips around Europe (she and I have a serious case of wanderlust) and about the little things she encounters and experiences living in London.  I appreciate that she writes about the big things, and the personal things, like nerdiness, and anxiety and being an introvert, because how comforting is that? :)  You go, girl! 


Inspired to be,