Inspired by...Bayeux, Normandy!

I cannot begin to tell you how relieved I was by this point in my journey — not only was I with my mother and therefore not completely responsible for myself, I was also staying in a hotel (can you say showers with no flip flops!), and I got to do laundry and have actual clean clothes!  On the day I met my mom (Thursday), we mostly spent the day finding a good laundromat near the hotel in Paris and getting settled in our room before having a nice dinner and catching up.

The next day, we left from St. Lazare station to take the train to Bayeux, Normandy.  I hadn’t realised this before the trip, but Normandy isn’t actually a town — it’s actually a region of France made up of smaller towns, hence the name of our location.  The ride wasn’t very long and was quite scenic, so it was a pleasant journey.  We arrived in Bayeux around 12:30 and walked to the tourist information office so we could find our hotel…which turned out to be a lot closer to the train station than we had thought.  It was such a gorgeous day, and we were dying to see the Normandy beaches, so once we were checked in, we decided to rent bikes (complete with baskets!) and ride to Omaha Beach!

 I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical at first because we only had a map and obviously spoke no French, so a lot of nightmare scenarios were running through my head… We set out and took on the French countryside!  What made it even more French is that I was in a dress (guess who didn’t bring any exercise-esque clothes) :)  The ride to the beach was amazing — the sun was shining, we biked through small country roads, and I had the urge to break out into Do, Re, Mi (because how could I not when wearing a green and white dress and riding through the countryside?).  After about an hour and a half of biking, we made it!  We had officially stormed the beaches!  We stood in the sand for a bit and took in the sea air and the history that could feel seeping in with every wave.  We had a long trek ahead of us, so we got back on our bikes (a little less enthusiastically this time) and began to head back.  By this point, we were quite tired so the ride back was much harder, but we stopped at a cafe we found and replenished with a sweet treat and some water. Let’s just say we were quite relieved when we finally got to the last downhill that would take us into the centre of town :)

That evening, we had a lovely dinner at a restaurant in the centre of town, and I actually forget what I had for an appetiser, and I know the entree was some kind of fish dish, but I do remember the chocolate mousse I had for dessert- YUM.

We slept in the next day, thoroughly exhausted from all of our travels over the past few days, and spent the day exploring Bayeux.  The weather wasn’t as nice that day, so we were glad that we had decided to bike the day before.  For lunch, we had incredible escargot and a cheese platter and it was the perfect way to top off a fun trip.  Our train left that evening, so we walked around some more, explored markets and little shops, and then made our way back to the train station to head back to Paris for the evening!

Inspired to be,