Inspired by...Never Have I Ever

Woohoo Day 5!  Today’s prompt is to play a little solo and sober game of “Never Have I Ever” so without further ado, here goes!

Never have I ever...


1. Eaten fish and chips! (#BadBritishStudent)  I will be going to Brighton in the next few weeks, though, where I am determined to have the full experience of eating fish and chips from a paper cone on the beach.


2. Seen Friends.  Carolyn is currently cringing.  I’m sorry.


3. Gone farther west than the east coast of the US.  See my Travel Bucket List for future plans!


4. Lived in a country with a female president.  But I will.  #Hillary2016


5. Read Pride and Prejudice.  I keep meaning to, and how can you live in the UK and not?  On my 101 Things in 1,001 Days list!


6. Dyed my hair.  It’s been this colour for my entire life and I will keep it that way!


7. Enjoyed painting my nails.  Am I a real 20-year-old girl?


8. Done a handstand.  One of my top yoga goals!


9. Gone skinny-dipping.  Not entirely sure of the appeal but it’s in all of those coming-of-age movies, and I live in New England so I feel like it’s a must.


10. Knitted.  It’s been on my mind lately since it looks oh so relaxing.  Also, who doesn’t love a homemade scarf?


11. Taken a taxi to work.  I’ll be interning in the city this fall so this will definitely happen #GrownUpGoals


12. Been drunk, smoked, or really done anything illegal.  Have you met my dad? :)


13. Made creme brûlée. 


14. Pulled an all-nighter for academic purposes.  I’ve made it 3/4 of the way through my undergrad career so I’m not in any rush to break my streak now.


15. Run a half-marathon or a Color Run, both of which I am determined to do in the next two years. 

So, some goals, some not-goals but that’s the best part about being #KatherInspired!


Inspired to be,