Inspired by an Exciting New Term!

Lent Term has officially begun here at LSE and wow, did I hit the ground running!  I had a presentation for my European Politics last week, one for my Democracy class this week, and an essay due for my Democracy class next week.  It feels a little more manageable this time around, though, because I have a better feel for the academic system here, and I’m not quite as overwhelmed and in transition as I was last term.  I also started a lot of new projects that are certainly keeping me occupied (I’m learning to stay away from the term busy, since I’m not a fan of the connotation), but I love them!  That’s not to say that I don’t break out my stress remedies every so often, but it’s a different kind of stress, in a way.  


What helps is that I’m just so excited for what I have going on right now.  I love making my to-do list on Sunday evening because I get to see, laid out, all of the “fun” tasks I need to work on during the week.  Don’t you love when work is enjoyable?  It makes it so much better!


I got accepted to a Faith and Leadership certificate course here at LSE that meets on Monday evenings.  Each week, we’ll be discussing one of the world’s major religions and the impact it is having on the world.  We’ll also be discussing the issues that face religion in general these days, especially in international relations and politics, so I am SO excited for this class!  We had our first class on Monday and we talked about what faith means in today’s world, as well as the basics of the nine major world religions.  I miss my theology classes from Fordham, so this class is perfect for me right now!


My study abroad program organised an extracurricular course that they call “Community and Culture.”  It’s designed at teaching us study abroad students about London: its history, people, neighbourhoods, and what life is like in London.  In addition to learning in the classroom, we get to go on a ton of excursions, like walking tours of different neighbourhoods, tourist-y things, and lots of food, of course! Tomorrow, we’re going to high tea in Bloomsbury, and then to a museum to learn about how the sugar industry affected the culture of Great Britain.  I'll be sure to post about that this weekend!


Inspired to be,