[Always] Inspired by...Smart Girls Group

A lot of new things are happening with Smart Girls Group right now and I am so excited to share them with you!


SGG recently kicked off its Smart Girls School program, so they are offering three online classes this term: Writing Training, College Prep, and Social Media Basics.  Obviously, the College Prep class doesn’t apply to me, but I still signed up for the Writing and Social Media classes and they look fascinating!  I’m hoping the Social Media class will help me grow KatherInspired (our first assignment is to create a Facebook page for our blogs, so stay tuned!), and it’s always helpful to get a little extra help with writing, especially now that I’m doing a lot of it.


I also recently became a part of the Smart Girls Media Sisters program, which is aimed at “bloggers, v-loggers, and social media gurus” looking to grow their digital voice and their personal brands.  We’ll be working on improving readership and digital visibility through seminars, networking opportunities, and design workshops, so I was so excited when I got accepted!  We had our first seminar this week, but as it was 8:00 EST (1am for me), I had to miss it.  They recorded it, though, so it’s on my list to watch this weekend).


SGG also started its new Mentorship program!  Thanks to the hard work of the lovely Maggie Royce, the smarts of the whole operation, we were all paired up with either a Big Sister or a Little Sister who we would work with.  I have a little sister who is a freshman in college, who also shares my love of writing and blogging, so I can’t wait to get to know her!


And of course, there’s the relaunch of Smart Mail!  I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I got the Operations Intern position with SGG and Emily and I started working on the very first issue of Smart Mail.  Our staff has grown enormously, and now we will be producing four newsletters a week, featuring original content from all 20+ of us: Monday Motivation, Style Tuesday, Wellness Wednesday, and Smart Girls in the World (Thursday).  Emily and I are putting the finishing touches on the new design templates and I have finally nailed down my staff and everyone, so things are finally taking off!  Also, I love my new title: Executive Editor for Smart Mail :)

Whew!  I hope that didn’t come across as bragging, because I always get turned off by people who are just so impressed with “all they do.”  For me, I feel like I’ve hit my stride and tapped into that “inspired” feeling I always talk about.  I love what I do and I only wish I didn’t have to sleep.  This was less about bragging, and simply sharing what is inspiring me right now.  I suppose it’s what comes with being a “twenty-something” - exploring what you love and throwing yourself into it.