Inspired by... Evening Walks

Ever since I was a kid, and even now as an adult, I always loved the way cities look at night.  Something about the bright lights surrounding me feels oddly peaceful and I could gaze at the view for hours.

So, going to school in both New York City and London is perfect for me!  London, especially, because I am living right in the heart of the city and it affords me so many incredible opportunities, such as my newest hobby.

Recently (since I returned to London almost two weeks ago), I’ve been taking long walks in the evening.  Some days, I feel like I’m sitting all day, which drives me crazy!  Any other type-A’s out there?  You’ll know that being sedentary is not good for us….  To combat this and to clear my head at the end of the day, I’ll go for a long walk in my area.  I’m in a lovely part of London (see the British-ness of that sentence?) because I’m right near Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly, St. James’s Park, the Thames, and so many iconic places, so my walks are both touristy and peaceful.  What’s even better is that since I don’t have 3G or cell service while I’m abroad, my walks let me disconnect from everything and just get some time for me.  It clears my head after a long day of thinking (thanks, LSE!) and puts me in an excellent mood.  Actually, it leaves me quite… inspired. :)

Last term, my goal was to not get lost going to the grocery store, but this term, I’m focusing more on really being assimilated to where I live, so it’s been good practice!  

My normal route takes me through all of these major parts of my area (Trafalgar, Piccadilly, St. James’s, Westminster, along the Thames) but my favourite part is when I’m walking along the river because it’s so quiet and peaceful (not to mention less crowded!) than the rest of the city.  Also, bridges make for excellent artsy photography:


What are your favourite things to do in the evening to unwind?


Inspired to be,

Katherine :)