Inspired to be Balanced

Well, this has been one CRAZY summer, that's for sure!  Between interning, taking classes, working, and all of my side projects, it's been exciting, but I'm starting to reach a bit of a breaking point.  I like being busy; I'm type-A, full of energy, and when I get really into something I will throw myself into it 110%.  This past year (sophomore year and this summer) in particular was a testament to that as I had more advanced classes with a heavy workload and I had tutoring and a ton of commitments on top of that.  For a while, I thrived on late nights and that slightly-crazed energy you get from a lack of sleep and rest.  I could usually sustain myself for about 2 weeks of a short night's sleep and I loved it; I felt like I was conquering the world.  And then, the lack of sleep would catch up with me and I had about 2 days of feeling foggy and crabby and wondering why I felt so drained before I finally realized it.  I was tired.  I read all the time about the importance of sleep and taking that necessary time to just let your body rest but I never thought much of it until this past year and this summer in particular.  Like I said, I love being busy and feeling productive and checking things off my to-do lists which I make religiously every week and every evening.  

I finally understand the effects of sleep-deprivation and stretching yourself wayyy too thin.  To put it simply, you need sleep to function.  Period.  When I don't get enough sleep, I feel foggy, achy, moody, and my coordination and dexterity actually suffer, as well.  I hit this point about two weeks ago, when I was in the throes of a weekly overnight shift in the security office and getting up a few hours later for class, running from my internship to class, to getting up early to get a workout in, to being up late trying to get one more thing checked off my list, and I had a bit of a meltdown on the phone with my mom.  Moms always know what is best, though we don't always like to admit it, so she ordered me on "bed rest" for a weekend: no exercise at all, in bed by 9:30, and meditation.  That weekend was pure bliss.  I finally felt this amazing release of tension that had been building up for the past few weeks and I was happier after even one day.  Thanks, Mom :)

I learned that weekend that it's okay to rest.  You don't have to be doing something every minute of the day, and you can't sustain yourself like this.  Trust me.  It was a beautifully quiet weekend and when I woke up on Monday morning, I said "ahhh" instead of "AAAHHHH."  I was more focused at work that week, more attentive in class, more consistent about blogging and social media/branding, and I no longer felt like my whole body had been wrung dry.  Don't let yourself get to this point - plan your day around getting to bed at certain time so you can get the sleep you need.  You will be happier, clearer, and definitely more inspired.

Inspired to be,