Life of a Commuter

I love commuting.  Wow, did you ever expect to hear a New Yorker say that?  I certainly didn't, until this summer!  I love to travel in general, and, of course, I am a big fan of the city, so my commute becomes sort of calming.  Okay, well maybe not "calming" per se, but let me explain:

I intern at the DEA Monday-Wednesday from 9-12 and to get there on time, I have to leave my room by about 7:45.  Working out in the morning is a must for me, since there's something about that tingly feeling that remains in your muscles all morning after a workout that makes you feel just a little accomplished.  Plus, endorphins?  WAY better than coffee.  During the week, I'll do morning cardio and evening yoga or swimming, which I switch on weekends, so I get up (read: drag myself out of bed) at 6, stall while checking my Instagram (guilty pleasure) and finally get going around 6:15.  I can only do about a half hour in the mornings since I honestly can't bear to get up any earlier than this…. :)  Shaun T is my main man in the morning since all of those high jumps and heismans and mountain climbers wake me right up!

I throw together a green juice (sorry, neighbors!) and clean my juicer in 15 minutes (my record), take a quick shower, throw on a dress (the working girl's DREAM) and head out by 7:50.  I've also gotten into the habit (since I have a single room) of watching Grey's Anatomy while I get dressed since, let's face it, we could all use a little McDreamy in the morning.  I use this fantastic Kate Spade tote that I got on sale with some Christmas money and I just so feel so professional carrying it:


I have my bag packed with individual pouches of makeup for touch-ups, basic first aid and stress remedies, tea bags, office supplies (pencils, pens, a highlighter and post-its), and a spare pair of headphones, so I'm all prepared for my day! 

Then, I walk 7 blocks up a huuuge hill of East Fordham Road and let's just say, thank God the subway is air-conditioned since the 7 block walk gets a little rough…  Here's the great thing about subways during rush hour, though: they run express!  The D train normally runs express from 125th Street to 59th Street, but during rush hour, it runs express before that, as well so it'll only stop at Tremont Ave and 145th Street, which is a huge time-saver!  From 145th, I take the A train (anyone else singing the jazz song, too?) down to 14th Street and I have finally arrived!  I've taken to listening to an audiobook (Alison Weir's A Dangerous Inheritance) during my commute and I've loved getting lost in the world of Tudor England while I'm hurtling into the city underground.  I make a quick pit stop at Duane Reade for my oh-so-necessary Vitamin Water (I love the reverse osmosis water in it) since it gives me a quick boost at work.  

I'm always a few minutes early so I'll get a little sun while reading my news emails before I head into the office so I'm caught up for the day!  So, my commute may be a little long, but I make it my own time by reading the news, listening to a book, and, of course, living the New Yorker life.  It's an hour or so of personal time before I head into the job I love =)

Happy Tuesday!

Inspired to be,