I saw this line on a bag of popcorn and I decided it is definitely worth sharing!  Let me tell you, I had a verrrry long "awkward phase" that lasted from about 5th through 8th grade and I often find myself resenting that point in my life.  I think, "what was I thinking, going out of the house like that?" and it's so easy to look back and shudder at those less-than-fabulous pictures of ourselves, or cringe at the way we said something.  Rather than fighting it, why not accept it as a part of ourselves?  We could not be where we are today without having gone through that phase, right?  I wouldn't be this exact person without being that awkward little girl with a bad haircut, and if that's what it took to be this me, then I suppose I can accept that.  

Let the past inspire your present and future!

Inspired to be,